An Opening Fable

Once upon a time, there was a girl– no, a woman– no, a young woman– named Kaitlyn, who was rather indecisive, owing to a streak of perfectionism precisely a mile wide running down her back.

She enjoyed writing about things, even when nobody in particular seemed to be interested in what she had to say; it was the act of writing that held the allure, the unfurling of words into sentences and paragraphs, the way she could make speech without ever uttering a sound.

But everyone who writes eventually writes about writing, and the topic becomes rather droll, rather quickly. She also liked to write about other things, like her pets, and fountain pens, and books, and Personal Things, and occasionally long rants about the driving habits of others.

But what to do with all this writing, she asked herself. If she wrote it all down she’d drown in paper scraps, or the cat would destroy them out of mute jealousy, or the dog would stomp on them, or they’d blow away, or a million other terrible things. If she never wrote her thoughts down at all, they’d clamor about in her head until she went mad, or worse, they’d fade away, a phoneme at a time, until it was like they’d never been thunk at all.

There was only one solution, and that was to marshal the troops and gather the band and google gathering idioms, and make… a blog. This blog, in fact, which you are currently reading, for which the girl-woman-youngwoman spent what felt like hours brainstorming a title, and which she still likes to say to herself with a little grin, which is probably not a good sign regarding the size of her ego.

Hello. My name is Kaitlyn, and this is my blog. I hope you enjoy it.